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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora man is still evading police after he is suspected of shooting and killing four people at his ex-girlfriend’s home early Sunday morning.

Joseph Castorena, 21, is that suspect. His family shared a video of him at the home earlier in the night prior to the shooting.

Corina Serrano — the mother to both one of the women killed and Castorena’s ex-girlfriend, who survived — said “everybody was afraid of him.” The family got home from a party early Sunday morning, not knowing Castorena might have been waiting inside.

Serrano said they have believed him to be a dangerous man for quite some time.

“This has been going on for two years already. Even the cops know how many times I’ve called and my daughter has called and my other daughter,” she said.

She said her daughter hid in a bathroom with her two nieces — their parents, Mariana Serrano and her husband, Ken, were two of the four killed. The other family member gunned down was Jesus, who was the father of Mariana Serrano and the ex-girlfriend.

According to the family, the fourth victim was a neighbor.

Family got protective order against gunman

A protection order was issued earlier this week, claiming Castorena had previously threatened to kill members of the family and was physically abusive to his ex, meaning he wasn’t allowed to be near their home.

“I just don’t know much. I’m trying to get answers. I haven’t received any phone calls from anybody. I haven’t heard from anybody. I haven’t heard from my daughters. I don’t know anything about my granddaughters,” Serrano said. “I don’t know why nobody has contacted me since I am the only person that they are close to in Denver. I would like to know answers. Somebody, please call me so I can know what’s going on.”

Aurora Police said Castorena has a slim build and stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a neck tattoo of a lion. If you have any information on where he could be, you are urged to call 911.