AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A group of homes that some neighbors call an eyesore are being demolished in Aurora. More than 50 new townhomes will be built where they once stood.

While some people are happy about the new development, others say the homes will displace people.

The company building the homes says it’s been working on plans to do this for about a year. They say the homes will help improve the neighborhood, but some worry they will drive up property values and force people out.

Four abandoned small homes are among those scheduled to be demolished near 13th Avenue and Alton Street.

One neighbor, who spoke off camera, said there’s been a problem with people sleeping in them. She said she’s glad new homes are going up.

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman called the development “good news” on his Facebook page.

New Aurora townhomes will cost up to $600,000 for 3-4 bedrooms

There will be 53 townhomes total in this project. RedT Homes said the price of the three- and four-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot townhomes will range from $500,000 to $600,000.

They are supposed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. But not everyone is happy with the new construction.

“We think these townhomes in no way fit the character in the neighborhood,” East Colfax Community Collective member Brendan Greene said.

“This is a luxury development that will go from $500,000 and up. Nobody in the near vicinity is able to afford this kind of a building. We believe this eventually will inevitably displace the local community residents that live in Northwest Aurora,” Greene added.

Kelsey Medina lives a few blocks away.

“We don’t want luxury development. Luxury development doesn’t do anything for us. What I have said all along is, I’m an English-speaking, two-person, two-income household and even I couldn’t afford one of these units,” Medina said.

Developer plans to offer special prices for neighbors

But RedT Homes said the townhomes will be some of the most affordable in the area. The developer also said the cluster of townhomes will help improve the look of the neighborhood.  

“That’s going to add a diversity of housing. More housing options.  It’s going to add more homes,” RedT Homes CEO Nathan Adams said.

Adams said RedT will offer pre-sale pricing to people in the zip code and hire people from the area to help build the homes.

Demolition of the abandoned structures could start within the next couple of weeks. The city must still approve some of the plans for the project.

Construction could start in 3-4 months if all goes as planned.