DENVER (KDVR) — It’s almost the end of “hot girl summer,” and “cuffing season” is just around the corner. FOX31 spoke with a dating strategist who recommended the best places to go to meet someone this summer.

“You want to think about the kinds of people that you like to date and where would they hang out,” said Chelsey Sterling, a dating strategy consultant.

Sterling recommends going to organized events that give you a valid reason to talk to people and connect over something. FOX31 spoke with Sterling on tips for finding date-worthy Denver singles this summer.

1. Events at Red Rocks

If you enjoy fitness, Sterling recommends yoga and fitness events at Red Rocks because it’s a way to interact with a lot of people that have the same interests.

“What I tell my clients is that the things that matter in terms of meeting people are whether or not you like to date a certain kind of person and how likely they are to be there,” Sterling said.

There are other events at the Red Rocks to meet like-minded people, but Sterling warns that concerts and film festivals aren’t always the best because it’s based on people watching something, rather than mingling.

2. Pop-up events

When it comes to dating around, the main goal is to increase the odds of meeting people, Sterling said. So, big events like summer pop-ups attract a large crowd, bringing more (hopefully single) people. Sterling advises her clients to try out Clear Creek events or pop-ups in RiNo.

Specifically going to pop-ups that interest you will draw a like-minded crowd. If you like beer, go to a beer festival to meet people.

3. Farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are another seasonal event that attracts a large crowd. It also brings a diverse group of people with many different interests.

Sterling particularly likes the farmer’s market in Wash Park on Sundays. Farmers’ markets aren’t as niche as a beer festival or an art pop-up. While farmers’ markets and pop-ups are a place to find more people, Sterling prefers more organized events for mixing and mingling.

4. Mix and mingle spots

When Sterling refers to mix and mingle spots, she means events where people are encouraged to talk to strangers. But she doesn’t mean speed dating or going out to a bar. She’s talking about authentic ways to connect with people.

Sterling mentioned her clients had success at places like the Grizzly Rose where there are organized dance lessons and open dancing. The Grizzly Rose is an example of an organized event. However, bars in general aren’t the best spot to meet people unless you enjoy going out and drinking, according to Sterling.

5. Social media reels

When it comes to finding things to do in the area, Sterling usually looks towards social media for inspiration. She said she makes a folder of all the places she wants to go during a season and makes an effort to go to them.

It’s all about going to places you enjoy where you’re going to find a lot of people.

“In some ways, dating is a numbers game and if you’re not going to do the apps, you kind of need to be just putting yourself in front of a lot of people and try to talk to people while you’re there,” Sterling said.