JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The person who called 911 after a couple was kidnapped while they were walking near Fehringer Ranch Disc Golf Park remained on the line with the emergency dispatcher for more than 10 minutes explaining the entire scene.

The incident occurred on June 17 and according to an arrest affidavit, Kerry Endsley, 73, had been hunched down on the road where the couple was walking. The document said “as they neared, (Endsley) stood up, pointed a pistol at them, and said, ‘Don’t f — ing move.’” The pair did not initially recognize Endsley because he was “wearing a baseball cap and what was later determined to be a costume style fake beard.”

The initial reports from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect ordered the woman to the ground and put a nylon leash around her neck. The man ordered the couple to follow him.

The 911 caller described a guy holding up a couple and that he had a gun or knife, he couldn’t tell. The dispatcher asked for location information as the caller continued to describe the couple and what the suspect looked like and was wearing.

While the dispatcher finished taking the description information, the caller asked if he should yell at the suspect and couple.

“Should I yell that the cops are coming?” the caller asked.

And the dispatcher replied, “Only if you feel safe. Because if he has a gun, I don’t want you yelling at him and him pointing it at you.”

“Fair enough,” the caller said. After a decent pause, the dispatcher continued, “so he has two people–”

Suddenly the caller interrupted and yelled at the top of his lungs, “COPS! COPS!” Then he said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to f— with you,” to the dispatcher.

The responder checked to make sure the caller was safe and continued to collect information about the scene and location. The dispatcher assured the caller that help was on the way.

“The suspect is walking after the man. He must have a gun, they’re kind of swerving,” the caller told the dispatcher. “The suspect is starting to jog. He is headed east.”

The dispatcher told the caller that the cops were there and let him know where they were located. The caller told the dispatcher he saw the suspect running and an officer running behind him and then said the suspect was fighting with the cop.

The caller then told the dispatcher there were shots fired and the dispatcher asked “shots fired by who?” The caller didn’t know and then said, “I have no idea but the suspect is coming at the officer … it looks like the suspect has a gun on the officer.”

One deputy fired a shot at Endsley but missed. A second deputy fired his Taser and struck him. Endsley was taken into custody and transferred to a local hospital for injuries from the Taser.

Endsley was arrested on suspicion of multiple charges, including two counts of kidnapping, assault, menacing, domestic violence and a protection order violation among others.

How the suspect and couple knew each other

Court records show the female victim told investigators she had known Endsley for approximately four years through work, but they also had a brief romantic relationship in 2020 when she was separated from her husband and living in a suite at Endsley’s house.

The documents said the relationship ended nearly a year ago and the same month, Endsley’s stepdaughter faced charges for breaking the woman’s phone.

Endsley was accused of harassing the woman about the incident, and she was later able to obtain a protection order that prevented him from having contact with her, according to the arrest affidavit.