ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo (KDVR) — Dozens of families in Arapahoe County are still in limbo, wondering if and when they’ll be able to return home.  

This comes after a fire broke out on Feb. 1 at the Club Valencia Condominiums on Parker Road, displacing people in 86 units. 

Ed Myers, 83, has called Club Valencia home for more than 30 years. His apartment was deemed uninhabitable after the fire. 

“I was basically thrown out,” Myers said. “My jacket is still sitting on the back of my chair in the kitchen.” 

He’s now been living out of a motel since Feb. 3 thanks to some help from Arapahoe County. 

“At 83 I’ve been through a lot,” Myers said. “At least there’s a roof over my head with running water.”  

For weeks, he’s been confined to a bedroom, living out of a suitcase with his cat and dog.  

“It’s always nice to have someone around,” Myers said. 

Without a car and now limited to stores within walking distance, getting around has been tricky.

“I lost my car about 10 years ago,” Myers said. “The engine blew and I couldn’t afford to replace it, so I’ve just been renting cars when I need it, getting rides when I need it.”  

Myers said he didn’t have homeowners insurance.  

“Since I had that unit for 30 years, no one told me I needed to have it after the first year,” Myers said. “I haven’t had it in God knows how long. I got it now though.”  

With the uncertainty looming, Myers said he’s just hoping to be able to move back home soon.  

“Oh I have some good steaks in the fridge,” Myers said. 

Something he can hopefully look forward to. 

“I’m too old to have frustration, too old,” Myers said. “I just take it as it comes. Nothing else I can do.”  

A GoFundMe has been set up to help out Myers for now and future expenses. 

FOX31 is still waiting to hear the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, Myers said condo officials are still waiting on the inspection report to see who can return home.  

So far, the HOA president said no one has been allowed back in.