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DENVER (KDVR) – Large protests and riots lasted for more than a week in and around downtown Denver, and we’re now starting to get a look at the scope of the impact.

FOX31’s Rob Low requested data from the Denver Department of Public Safety, and learned that at least 75 officers were injured.

The protests began May 28, after video showing George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis while a police officer knelt on his neck. That night and through the weekend the protests turned violent, with many windows being smashed in the downtown area. The protests still continue, but Low’s request only included injuries to officers through June 6.

Many of the injuries were cuts, scrapes and other injuries to officers’ arms and legs, however several suffered head and other injuries from bricks and other thrown items.

Below is the unedited chart sent to FOX31 from Denver Public Safety that outlines the officers’ injuries. A representative for the department said this list could grow if more injuries are reported.

laceration to arm from rock/bottle
Broken elbow from stepping off of a curb and falling
Broken ankle
Abdominal injury from rock (two)
Foot injury to avoid being struck by vehicle
Ears/hearing from explosive thrown at him by rioter
Ofc in crowd; rolled ankle during riots
Ofc hit; shoulder, abdom, arm
arm injury from object hitting him
arm injury from rock hitting him
Shin with rock; chest/arm with a brick
shoulder injury
leg with large rock
Jaw/Neck/Leg from being hit with objects
Chest/Ribs from rock hitting him
Hand from rocks hitting him
Laceration to arm entering business with broken window
Arm from rocks and concrete chunks hitting him
arm from firework striking him; ankle from hit by rock
Debris in eye from gust of wind while monitoring protest at HQ
elbow from rock/brick
face from rock
Groin from rock
Hand/Arm/Leg from rocks
Foot/Thigh/ankle from various objects
Shin from Brick/large rock
Ears/hearing from explosion of homemade explosives and mortar fireworks
Head/Neck from rock
Sprained ankle
foot from rock
thumb injury
jaw from rock that hit him through car window
knee injury 
SBI to leg from intentionally being struck by car
Ankle from brick
SBI to leg from intentionally being struck by car
SBI to leg from intentionally being struck by car
Hip – fell from RDV
Wrist/Hand – Fell from RDV
Hand from rock 
Elbow/Hand/Leg hit by rocks
Knee from rock
Hand/shoulder from rocks
Arm (possible bicep tear/shoulder inj)
Right arm from rock
hand from rock
leg from being hit with unknown items
foot/knee from being hit with rocks
leg from being hit with rocks
hand laceration from bottle thrown at him
ankle from rock, ankle sprain 
ankle from rock, ringing in ears from explosives
various parts of body from rocks bricks and bottle strikes
legs/elbow/shoulder from rocks; IED explosion caused rining in ear
elbow from brick
hand from bottle
hand from rock or bottle
neck/elbow from landscaping brick
temp loss of hearing from firework; head/arm/leg from bottles/rocks
foot injury
hit by rocks
shin injury – 4 rocks hit him
arms/legs from being hit with rocks, hamstring and thumb from explosives
head, struck by rock thrown from protestor
hand/ankle/chest from rocks
Finger injured when it was smashed with something by a protestor
elbow from bottle; leg from rock
Shoulder injury, contusion to ankle, exp to unk chem
shoulder from rock being thrown at him by protestor
leg from rock thrown by protestor; foot from rock thrown by protestor
foot/shoulder from rocks; sprain knees from deployment, ringing ears from expl
wrist from rock; bruise upper back; ringing in ears from morter round
Foot/knee from rocks; burning on right hand from unk subst
bruising/cuts from IED; ears from expl; hand/shoulder/head/arm thigh/foot from rocks
leg from glass bottle; knee from rock; abdomen from rock; ears from homemade explosives