DENVER (KDVR) — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 24 people have been killed in the United States by a defective airbag.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles said there are over 66,000 vehicles in Colorado that have been recalled due to the defect. The DMV said it will be sending out letters to owners of the vehicles that are part of the recall.

“The letters, which will be sent in mid-February, inform owners of recalled vehicles that the airbags could kill or seriously injure drivers and passengers if they deploy,” the DMV explained.

The DMV did not release which specific vehicles are part of the recall. Here is a sample of what the recall letter will look like:

What is causing the recall?

The DMV said there is a defective part inside the airbag that can explode when the airbag deploys, potentially shooting sharp metal fragments at the driver and passengers.

How to check your vehicle for recalls

The NHTSA said you can look up your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN to see if it has a safety recall. You can do that by going to the NHTSA website and typing your VIN in.

If you receive a letter about the recall, it will urge you to take immediate action a get a free recall repair at a local dealership.