DENVER (KDVR) — Four adults and two juveniles were charged by the Denver District Attorney’s Office for their alleged role in an armed carjacking at Cherry Creek North last month.

The six suspects were identified as:

  • 19-year-old Josiah McCray
  • 19-year-old Jurdon Bryant-Beasley
  • 18-year-old Elrich Haliburton
  • 20-year-old Nyariee Richardson
  • 16-year-old juvenile
  • 15-year-old juvenile
  • Josiah McCray_mugshot
  • Jurdon Bryant-Beasley_mugshot
  • Elrich Haliburton_mugshot
  • Nyariee Richardson_mugshot

According to the DA, they were charged with a variety of crimes including aggravated robbery, aggravated motor vehicle theft and conspiracy to commit aggravated motor vehicle theft.

The two juveniles were charged separately in juvenile court.

‘This was an anomaly in this neighborhood’

On Jan. 24, Denver Police Department officers responded to a robbery in the parking lot at East 2nd Avenue and University Boulevard in Cherry Creek. A mother and daughter told police that as they parked, a group of males surrounded their car and demanded they get out.

“I put my car in park right next to hers, but I didn’t pull into a space and within a couple of seconds of putting my car in park, there were four, I think four or five armed men that surrounded the car,” the daughter said.

DPD reported that the duo was forcibly pulled out of their car at gunpoint and were struck in the heads with pistols. The suspects then allegedly stole the car and fled.

According to the DA, officers pursued the car to 17th Avenue and Willow Street where the suspects exited the car to allegedly carjack a second vehicle. Officers arrested the six suspects in a nearby backyard.

“This was an anomaly in this neighborhood. This is a very safe community, full of families, professionals, and consumers who enjoy all the amenities, shops, restaurants, and hotels we have to offer. The district will always ensure Cherry Creek remains the safe and vibrant place it’s known to be,” said Andy Boian, Cherry Creek North spokesman.

Police said several handguns and ammunition were also located.