DENVER (KDVR) – Friday is International Podcast Day which can be a solid excuse to limit your arguably unhealthy screen time, while simultaneously taking an unofficial crash course on Coloradan culture.

FOX31 has put together a list of podcasts that offers listeners a wide array of informative and entertaining Colorado-focused subject matter, that includes spooky tales from across the state, 14er-tackling tips, an audible map for pizza hunters to follow and much more.

Here are a few podcasting programs likely to pique the interest of those planning to visit, move to, or upgrade their native knowledge regarding the state of Colorado.

The non-standard14er podcast 

This podcast is for those who love to high-step through Colorado’s backcountry, where 58 mountains carry an elevation higher than 14,000 feet.

Each episode details the experience of tackling one of these 14ers while touching on aspects that the state’s official route descriptions leave out.

Each peak’s history, route options, prime camping locales and other details backcountry roamers need in order to experience the climb fully are available in this podcast’s archive.

Hashtag Colorado Life

A Coloradan couple that has called Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs home has been publishing podcast episodes since early 2019, all of which focus on subject matter that helps get listeners outside of both their comfort zones and outside their homes in order to experience the state’s offerings to the fullest.

Episodes include rating a trip taken at the romantic getaway at Vista Verde Ranch, gauging whether a visit to Glenwood Springs Adventure Park is worth it, and what a walking tour in Manitou Springs is like. Hosts Ryan and Carrie Smith Nicholson touch on all this and more.

Lost Highways

This podcast produced by History Colorado brings some lesser-known stories from the state’s past that helps listeners understand how the state got to where it is today.

With episodes that focus on Colorado’s Gulag Archipelago, the inspiration behind the 2018 movie “BlacKkKlansman,” and other fascinating moments in Colorado’s wild west history, listeners are certain to walk away from these episodes feeling informed.

If you dig this program, consider sampling their sister podcast, “Living Denver” which consists of poems written by members of the Denver community about the city they call home.

Out There Colorado

If less interested in uplifting information regarding the Centennial State, then ponder sliding into one of these episodes created by Melissa Hodges that focuses on the hauntings that both have and are still occurring across the state.

With episodes that focus on Brighton’s “haunted” Riverdale Road, the blood-soaked portion of the Oregan Trail that cuts through Colorado and the controversial balloon boy escapades of 2009, you are likely to feel fully entertained while taking in some of the state’s darker side.

Denver Pizza Podcast

While there haven’t been many new episodes released since the COVID pandemic began, hosts Megan and Paul have a great archive of pizza-centric content for listeners.

The are currently 45 episodes, some published as early as 2016, and each goes into a different pie shop in or around Denver.

Colorado Outdoors

This podcast, produced by Colorado Parks & Wildlife, is not producing episodes on a weekly basis by any means, but the archive that they have built is more than helpful for those interested in arming themselves with knowledge ahead of a trip into Colorado’s wilderness.

With episodes that include breakdowns of specific parks managed by the department, the seasonal habits of deadly animals like rattlesnakes, and the explaining of park police changes like the Keep Colorado Wild Pass program which begins in January of 2023 are just a few examples of the wide range of topics this program has to offer