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DENVER — A new system of trails will link six central Denver neighborhoods.

Dubbed the 5280 Trail, it aims to connect Golden Triangle, Capitol Hill, Uptown, Arapahoe Square, Ballpark and Lower Downtown.

The effort is being led by the Downtown Denver Partnership.

“We imagine a street, instead of a sea of asphalt, but a place for people to be. Outdoor space, a linear park that connects our communities together,” said Adam Perkins, DDP’s urban planning manager.

The trails will focus on being cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly.

“Not to say cars will not be allowed, but along the streets, the priority is given towards people walking, biking on wheelchairs,” said Perkins.

The trail will not be built out immediately.

“We are looking for getting funding for first construction within the next five years,” said Perkins.

It would take another five years after that to complete the construction of green space, cultural attractions and retail.

For example, Sherman Street near the Capitol will look vastly different from how it appears today.

“Imagine a trail coming down the center of the street with great views of the state Capitol. Trees on either side offering shade. Patio cafés and spaces on either side of the street,” said Perkins.