DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver public charter school scared a lot of folks on Halloween: They turned their school into a haunted house.

5280 High School does not look like your typical high school. That’s because it isn’t.

“5280 is a project-based-learning chartered public school that specializes in serving students that are in recovery from alcohol and drugs and self-harm,” said Nik Harris, director of the school’s science department.

On Tuesday, the high school was transformed into a haunted house.

“This year, we have been talking about the neuroscience about fear, and to tie it all in, of course we are going to demonstrate our knowledge by showing how to create fear and incite fear,” Harris said.

The entire student population — about 100 kids — was tour guides, makeup artists, pumpkin painters and poltergeists.

Nicole Defosses is with King Adult Day Enrichment Program. They work with people with disorders of the brain.

They brought 35 clients to 5280.

“These high school students know what they are doing, OK? It was awesome. I loved it.“ Defosses said.

“This is a place where they can feel safe and welcome and get something that they always wanted to do but haven’t been able to do,” Harris said.