DENVER (KDVR) — A 5-year-old had a very special birthday all thanks to a community coming together to make it happen.

According to a Facebook post, the girl’s mother invited her daughter’s class to her birthday party on Saturday and no one showed up.

But rather than accepting that no one wanted to celebrate, she posted the party on a community Facebook page and practically the whole community came together to make Marlowe’s birthday very special.

Danielle Hanson, a fellow mom on the community page, saw the post and knew she needed to bring her three girls to celebrate.

”I was just scrolling Facebook like a normal day and I saw Nichole’s post about her daughter’s birthday party kind of being a flop and you know just kind of a sense of community, I’ve been there as a mom and have had people not show up to a birthday party and so I just wanted to connect and let the kids come by and meet new people and it ended up being a really good day,” she said. 

Her girls really hit it off with Marlowe and became fast friends. Hanson said this is just a testament to the Loveland community. 

“It just shows you how small the world really can be, even you know Facebook is huge, Loveland is still small and the community can still get together and it’s nice,” Hanson said.

Marlowe’s mother said members of the Loveland Police Department, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority and Thompson Valley EMS showed up to celebrate with her little girl and helped make the party memorable.

  • Loveland community made 5-year-old's birthday party special
  • Loveland firefighters celebrate 5-year-old's birthday
  • Thompson Valley EMS make little girl's birthday party special

“I do not have words for the overwhelming amount of gratitude that I am feeling today. I want to thank everyone that came out for my daughter and helped turn a sad day into the most amazing day ever. Thank you for joining us and celebrating with us,” she posted on Facebook.

Her mother took several pictures and video to remember a day that started out with doubt but ended with unabated joy.