DENVER (KDVR) — A 5-year-old boy, whose father is facing an attempted murder charge, is not expected to survive, the district attorney said in court on Thursday.

The bond for 42-year-old Michael Ninomiya was set at $1 million. He’s facing a charge for attempted first-degree murder after he and his son were pulled out of the water on the Cherry Creek Trail last week.

The Denver Police Department issued a crime stoppers bulletin two days after the rescue seeking information about the incident or any witnesses to it, as they were investigating how his 5-year-old son suffered life-threatening injuries.

According to an affidavit, Ninomiya admitted to trying to kill his son. During interviews, he described pulling his son into the water and physically assaulting him to the point where he wasn’t sure if the boy was breathing. He then began injuring himself “to make it look like an accident” before calling for help.

The affidavit also says that Ninomiya had a history of mental health treatment including a diagnosis of schizophrenia in his 20s.

DPD reported the child was in critical condition on Wednesday.