DENVER (KDVR) — It’s peach season in Colorado and there’s no better way to spend it than with Palisade peaches, but maybe some that aren’t four hours away from Denver.

1. Palisade Peach Shack

Palisade Peach Shack is based on the Western Slope but has frequent pop-ups and appearances at Farmers’ Markets in the Denver area. The full schedule is available on the Palisade Peach Shack – Denver Facebook page, but it includes events in Evergreen, Green Valley Ranch, Centennial, Westminster and Longmont. In addition to actual peaches, Peach Shack also sells other peach-related treats like jam and salsa.

2. Forte Fruits

Forte Fruits is another farm in Palisade that sells a variety of different fruits, including peaches. There’s a Forte Fruit store in Sheridan but if you have a hankering for something sweet that’s a little bit closer, they have markets open around Denver almost every day of the week. There’s a market open in City Park on Saturdays and in Central Park on Sundays. Check the website for the full schedule.

3. Morton’s Organic Orchards

Morton’s Orchards grows organic fruit that can be found in Erie, Boulder and Denver. While the orchard is based out of Palisade, it has multiple farmers’ markets in the area. If you’re looking to stay in Denver, head to Highlands Square on Sunday.

4. The Colorado Peach Company

This company ships peaches nationwide, but there’s also a peach stand opening in August in Fort Collins. If you’re particular about your peaches, the website provides up-to-date information on the growth of the peaches.

5. Heinie’s Market

Heinie’s Market in Wheat Ridge sells different varieties of sweet peaches based on the month. In July, the peaches are cling-stone, which has peach flesh that clings to the pit. In late September and October the peaches are free-stone, which means the flesh easily peels from the pit.

Get the full Colorado peach experience without wasting a day driving to Palisade. There are plenty of close places that have the peaches fresh from farms four hours west.