DENVER (KDVR) — No one understands Colorado quite like someone who has lived here, and that certainly rings true when it comes to a few “facts” — or rather myths — that have perpetuated about the state.

FOX31 asked viewers if there were any myths about Coloradans that they’d like debunked, and while there were dozens to choose from, here are the five that came up the most often:

1. That everyone smokes marijuana

This one was the most popular “myth” that viewers wanted to go to bat for.

According to a 2021 estimate by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, around 19% of Coloradans 18 and older had used marijuana in the past month.

“I get asked all the time why did I move if weed is legal [in Colorado],” one former Coloradan said. “It’s because of the weed I had to move.”

2. That everyone drives or owns a Subaru

Viewers were quick to call this myth out, though there was some debate on what exactly the myth was.

“[A myth is] that everyone drives Subarus,” one viewer said.

“No, [the myth is] not that everyone drives them, everyone has owned one as a resident in Colorado,” another viewer replied.

“This is not a Subaru state,” another viewer said simply.

3. That everyone skis or snowboards

With the abundance of mountain resorts in the state, it might come as a surprise to some that not every Colorado resident knows how to or even likes skiing or snowboarding.

“That everyone skis,” a viewer commented, receiving 15 likes and heart reactions on the comment.

One took it even further and mentioned other outdoor activities that Coloradans may be known for by people out-of-state.

“We don’t all ski, snowboard, hike, ride horses… we don’t all live on ranches either,” they said.

4. That everyone lives in the mountains

One viewer tied the myth about skiing into another one, that every Coloradan lives in the mountains.

“That we all ski and live in the mountains,” the viewer said.

A vast majority of Colorado’s 5.8 million people live on the Front Range, which as a whole is situated very close to the Rocky Mountains, though not quite close enough to be considered in the mountains.

According to one viewer, Denver itself is a victim of this false idea.

“That Denver sits right at the edge of or actually in the mountains,” they said.

5. Weather myths

There wasn’t one weather myth that viewers settled on, with one bringing up the snow the state gets in the winter and another the sunshine.

However, a weather-related myth that a few viewers brought up involved the quality of driving during winter storms, or rather the lack thereof in their opinion at least.

One viewer even tied this into multiple other myths:

“That everyone knows how to drive in snow or on ice in a Subaru while smoking weed,” they commented.