Man arrested after using bug spray on Denver officers

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DENVER — Five police officers were taken to a hospital after a suspect sprayed Raid bug spray on them while resisting arrest Sunday night, the Denver Police Department said.

The incident happened about 7:50 p.m. in the 4500 block of Sable Street as officers were attempting to arrest Jesus (Jose) Moreno-Perez, 25, for allegedly assaulting his brother earlier in the day.

Moreno-Perez used furniture to block the front door when officers arrived, according to a probable cause statement.

When officers kicked in the door, Moreno-Perez opened a can of Raid bug fogger into the faces of the officers.

Moreno-Perez then went farther into the house. When officers followed, Moreno-Perez threw the fogger can at them.

An officer deployed a stun gun, but it failed. Officers then followed Moreno-Perez into a back bedroom where a second Raid bug fogger was used, according to the statement.

Moreno-Perez then used a pair of makeshift nunchucks, hitting an officer in the head, according to the statement.

As Moreno-Perez was being restrained, they found two long knives concealed up his arm sleeves. He continued to kick and spit on officers while resisting arrest, according to the statement.

Moreno-Perez was taken into custody for assault on a police officer and the earlier assault on his brother.

Police said about 10:30 p.m. that the five officers who were taken to a hospital had been checked out and were being released.

A sixth officer was exposed to the insecticide but did not go to a hospital, police said.

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