DENVER (KDVR) – The Fourth of July brings with it an enormous amount of options when it comes to where to actually watch firework shows. However, some things that may go unnoticed are the deals vendors, both local and national, are offering.

Here are a few deals that you can capitalize on throughout the patriotic festivities.

REI Co-op

This one should grab the attention of any of Colorado’s outdoors folk who read it, because the recreational equipment outlet is selling items pertinent to camping, hiking, watercrafting, cycling and much more at a markdown of up to 40%.

Krispy Kreme

Between now and the upcoming patriotic holiday’s departure, the purveyors of donuts over at Krispy Kreme are frosting up four limited edition pieces with fireworks and national pride set as the theme.

In addition to these, you can also partake in the two deals they are offering up:

  • Between June 27 and July 4: Customers who visit the store wearing red, white or blue can get a free donut of their choice.
  • Between July 1 and July 4: If you purchase a dozen donuts you can get a second dozen for free.

Denver Art Museum

Between now and July 12, those who purchase a 12-month membership to the Denver art Museum using the promo code SOCIALMEM22 will receive an additional thirteenth month free of charge.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

It may not be a straight-up deal, but the festival scheduled for the days leading up to the grand holiday will be offering those who attend free concerts, art showings, and culinary treats. It runs from July 1 through July 3, but can easily bring a fun family-friendly vibe to your 4th of July Eve.

Independence Eve (Civic Center)

Speaking of eves, another celebration will be offering the public free musical performances at the Civic Center Park the night before the 4th. Independence Eve will be headlined by the Colorado Symphony on Sunday, July 3, during which food trucks and beverage vendors will be selling their wares to those in attendance.

Golfing at DIA

Running from now until July 17, those either arriving or departing are now eligible to grab a free round of mini-golf at the south end of the Jeppesen Terminal connected to the Westin Denver International Airport and Transit Center.

It may not be a celebration specifically made for the 4th, but if you’re looking for something to do either during the wait for your flight or during the wait to pick someone up from theirs, then pick up a putter and get to relaxing.