DENVER (KDVR) — A new report released by doxo, a bill payment company, shows that people living in Denver are paying more than $2,000 each month for bills.

In fact, the research showed that 42% of household income in Denver goes to paying bills.

Doxo ranked the 50 largest cities in the country based on average monthly bills from people using its bill pay service and U.S. Census Bureau data. Denver ranked 13th most expensive overall.

The average total for bills each month is $2,273 in Denver, compared to the national average of $2,003.

Here is the breakdown for average household bills, according to doxo:

  • Mortgage: $1,577
  • Rent: $1,326
  • Auto loan: $438
  • Utilities: $300
  • Auto insurance: $181
  • Health insurance: $226
  • Cable & internet: $110
  • Life insurance: $82
  • Mobile phone: $103
  • Alarm & security: $112

The most expensive city in the country for average monthly bills is San Jose, California. Doxo said that people living there pay an average of $3,248 each month for bills.

Doxo said the least expensive large city for average monthly bills is Detroit, Michigan at $1,634 per month.