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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado Cash Back checks are arriving to mailboxes across our state. As of Aug. 17, more than 1.2 million checks have been cashed, according to Gov. Jared Polis’ office.

If you are still waiting for your check, the governor’s office said it should arrive by Sept. 30.

Here are four reasons you might not get a check:

  1. You are under 18 years old
  2. You were not a Colorado resident for the entire 2021 income tax year
  3. You did not file your Colorado state income tax return or apply for a property tax, rent or heat credit rebate by June 30
  4. You owe back taxes or other state or federal debts

The governor’s office said that your refund could be intercepted for a variety of reasons:

  • Debts for child or spousal support
  • Overpaid aid to the needy disabled
  • Overpayment of unemployment benefits
  • Judicial fines
  • Judicial restitution
  • Unpaid parking tickets
  • Unpaid interest
  • Fees or surcharges owed to the department or any other government agency
  • Any other unpaid debt to a government agency

If you do not receive your check by Sept. 30, contact the Colorado Cash Back call center at 303-951-4996.

These checks, called Colorado Cash Back by the administration, are a result of the state’s TABOR law which limits the amount of tax revenue that can be collected. Normally, taxpayers get the difference back when filing their tax returns in the spring and it is relative to how much you paid in taxes, but this year Gov. Polis and other elected Democrats pushed through a bill spreading the amount evenly to all taxpayers and issuing the refunds in the fall.