GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — A four-day workweek is coming to the city of Golden, which will test the program at its police department.

This program is aimed at broadening the employee wellness program, according to Police Chief Joe Harvey. If successful, Golden said it would apply to all city departments.

Police officers in Golden will go from four 10-hour days to four 8-hour days.

“When we’re able, we will be sending those employees home after 32 hours, but they will be paid for 40,” Harvey said.

The program, Harvey said, is expected to save money.

“It actually will work to serve to reduce overtime because we still have those eight hours sitting out there that if we need to use them, we can,” Harvey said.

Harvey said it won’t impact police coverage in the city because there will still be more officers on the clock when more emergency calls are typically made.

“We’re going to be creative in how we’re going to cover that by maximizing the higher call load hours and reducing staffing on the time periods of the day that we know we don’t get a lot of calls,” Harvey said.

Can a 4-day workweek help with recruitment?

Harvey sees another aspect that could see a positive impact from a four-day, 8-hour work shift: recruitment.

“I’ve been with Golden since 2015 and we’ve been fully staffed one time for about three months,” Harvey said, “June 5 of this year will be the first time that I’ll be fully staffed.”

One selling point for the city of Golden and its police force is recruiting and retaining employees.

For the police department at least, there is one red line that could cancel this program altogether, Harvey said, and that’s any impact on the department’s ability to respond to emergency calls.

This is a six-month trial run for Golden Police. After that, Harvey said the city will see how effective a four-day work week is and apply it to all other departments citywide if successful.

A listening session will be held at Golden City Council chambers on May 22 at 5:30 p.m., where the public can provide input about this program.