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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver voters chose to lift the ban on the pit bull breed that has been in place since 1989.

With this measure passing, pit bull owners would need to get a provisional permit and would be required to have their dog microchipped. Owners cannot have more than two pit bulls in one home and need to submit a list of emergency contacts.

According to the bill, a dog would need to be registered with the provisional permit for 36 months with no issues. Owners are required to report any bite incidents or loose pit bulls to Animal Control within eight hours. 

Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the city council’s attempt to repeal the ban earlier this year. He spoke to FOX31 following the announcement of the measure passing.

“I said that to the sponsor of the ordinance that if you want to take it to the people of Denver, I would stand down and allow you to do that. Let the people speak,” Hancock said after the ban was overturned. ” And so we will conform to the message or to the decision of the people of Denver.”