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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – It is probably the least maintained engine you own. Your lawnmower. And with the cost of a new machine, maintaining yours makes a lot of sense.

The Problem Solvers talked to a local equipment rental company to find out the top three things you can easily do to keep mowing the grass while not spending a lot of green.

“It’s just one of those things, you use it when you need it, and when you’re done you just put it away, you don’t pay any attention to it,” All Seasons general manager Rent-All Scott Goodwin said.

Until it stops working that is. We are all guilty, when was the last time you changed the oil on your machine?

“You have to make sure to change the oil, the air filter, and the fuel,” Goodwin said.

The most common culprit? Bad gas, and we are not talking about indigestion.

“Gas is meant to be used within 30 days of being dispensed from the gas station. After 30 days it’s iffy,” All Seasons Rent-All service manager John Boyer said.

Changing the oil is easier than you think.

“You should change it pretty much once a year and the reason being is when it gets old it breaks down. It does not provide the proper lubrication,” Boyer said.

If you think it’s just plain easier to buy a brand new lawnmower, think again.

“They go on backorder. I mean it could be several months, buying a replacement can be very difficult,” Goodwin said.

There is one downside to a smooth running lawnmower, however, you will have no excuses not to mow the lawn.