DENVER (KDVR) — Fire mitigation isn’t only for those who live in the high country or near open spaces. Firefighters warn everyone should take steps to maintain or build homes with fire safety in mind.

Einar Jensen, risk reduction specialist with South Metro Fire Rescue offered three simple steps to help mitigate fire activity.

Clear possible fuel sources

To protect your home, Jensen said to remove anything that serves as fuel, especially if the wind were to blow embers from another area.

“You absolutely do not want junipers or any relations to junipers (like similar bushes) within 30 feet of our homes,” he said.

It is important to clear debris from gutters and keep the areas underneath decks clear of debris, especially combustible material.

Build with fire-resistant materials

If you’re building a home, try to choose fire-resistant materials like stucco and concrete.

“Wood siding isn’t necessarily bad, but if we can eliminate the amount of fuels growing right next to the home that could radiate heat against that wood siding, that can make a wood-sided home more resistant to wildfire” Jensen said.

Be prepared

Residents should sign up for reverse notifications and have a quick plan for responding to any required evacuation.