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DENVER (KDVR) – Three suspects accused in a drugs and weapons case at Denver’s Maven Hotel during the All-Star baseball weekend are now facing federal charges.

Federal complaints released Friday morning accuse Richard Platt, Gabriel Rodriguez and Ricardo Rodriguez of possession of a firearm or ammunition by a prohibited person.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez is also facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

The criminal complaint filed in Gabriel Rodriguez’ case gives more details about a police search of one of the hotel rooms:

Platt, having denied purchasing any firearms for himself throughout the interview, ultimately divulged to investigators that he did purchase one gun from (Ricardo Rodriguez). Platt described the firearm as the ‘sniper rifle.’ Platt mentioned that the rifle was a .300 Blackout. Platt said that he purchased the ‘sniper rifle’ for $1,000.00, and he was going to sell it to (Gabriel Rodriguez) for $1,500.00. Platt said that he paid (Ricardo Rodriguez) via Cash App.”

Read the affidavit for Gabriel Rodriguez here

Ricardo Rodriguez

According to the complaint against Ricardo Rodriguez, Platt also told authorities that Ricardo Rodriguez had been “talking ‘all crazy’” and that he wanted to “arm every veteran in America.” Platt also told investigators that Ricardo Rodriguez “had mentioned going to Mexico and shooting people.”

The complaint also says Ricardo Rodriguez told authorities:

that he had no intention of shooting people. (Ricardo Rodriguez) stated that he brought several firearms with him to Denver which he planned to show to the individuals he was meeting with. (Ricardo Rodriguez) told investigators that he had brought several firearms to Platt’s room and that he left several of the firearms in Platt’s room where they would still be.”

During a Monday jailhouse interview, Ricardo Rodriguez also told FOX31 that he does not believe in hurting innocent people.

Read the affidavit for Ricardo Rodriguez here

Richard Platt

A law enforcement interview with Gabriel Rodriguez revealed that he said he had been contacted by Platt “to purchase a pound of methamphetamine and some ‘black’ (street slang commonly used in reference to heroin) from (Gabriel Rodriguez),” according to the complaint.

From jail, Gabriel Rodriguez previously told the Problem Solvers, “I understand I had a backpack with a lot of dope in it and a pistol, and I will take responsibility for that, but I am not going to take responsibility for something else I didn’t even know was going on.”

According to the federal complaint, “narcotics recovered in the backpack tested as 51.589 grams of heroin, 15.942 grams of marijuana, and 447.078 grams of methamphetamine.”

Read the affidavit for Richard Platt here

Their backgrounds

According to the federal complaint and records pulled by the Problem Solvers, all three men have extensive criminal histories.

Ricardo Rodriguez had a warrant for his arrest for dangerous drugs out of Toledo, Ohio. The warrant, according to the federal complaint, indicated that he is “armed and dangerous, has violent tendencies, and is known to abuse drugs.”

Another warrant out of Boise, Idaho, reported that he had a parole violation.

The criminal complaint said Ricardo Rodriguez also had felony convictions out of Washignton, Idaho and Colorado.

As the Problem Solvers have reported, Platt and Gabriel Rodriguez both have multiple felony convictions in Colorado as well.