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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — There were some frightening moments Wednesday afternoon after Aurora firefighters had to evacuate a swath of homes.

A gas leak was causing real concern in a neighborhood near East Quincy Avenue and South Chambers Road. The problem was no one knew where it was coming from.

Neighbors told FOX31 that this is the second time there has been a gas leak since last week in the Southeast Aurora neighborhood.

Firefighters said that when they arrived, they detected the unmistakable smell of a gas leak wafting over several blocks of East Radcliff Place. Fire trucks filled the section of this neighborhood.

About 20 homes evacuated after Aurora gas leak

About 20 homes were evacuated. The fire department said crews were boring underground when a gas line was hit.

“It was scary. They told us we had to leave,” Patricia Atkins said. “They hit the line across the street from our house.”

People here could smell the leak, but no one was sure where it was coming from. In some cases, firefighters had to force their way into homes to clear them.

“Once the gas is underground, we have to take special care to see where it’s traveling to make sure everyone is safe,” Aurora Fire Rescue spokesperson Sherri Jo Stowell said.

FOX31 was told these types of gas leaks have led to deadly situations in the past. Many of the people who live in this neighborhood were just glad they were able to return to their homes safely.