DENVER (KDVR) – Twenty-one bighorn sheep from the Rampart herd near Colorado Springs are now exploring their new home near Beaver Creek Canyon. They have been moved to rebuild a historic herd.

Colorado is home to hundreds of animal species, some rare, some familiar. But it is not often you will see the rarest of the rare, high up in the air. 

Flying sheep. Flying bighorn sheep that is.

Before the bighorn can be relocated, they need to be caught. Biologists, wildlife officers, veterinarians and volunteers lured the sheep under a net with delicious bait. Then, the animal-friendly façade fell on the unsuspecting Ovis canadensis and 21 were humanely prepared for the trip of their lives.

So, why fly the friendly skies? Well, to reach their final destination is a two-plus hour hike. In the whirlybird, it’s a 10-minute joy ride.

You are now free to roam the state.