DENVER (KDVR) – We have had one of the hottest starts to the summer in Denver and more heat is on the way.

As of Thursday afternoon, we have had 32 days with a high at or above 90 degrees. While this doesn’t place us in the top ten most 90+ degree days for a year, we still have half of the year to go.

Denver is a bit higher on the list of most 100-degree days in a year. So far we have had 3 days and with highs forecasted to hit 100 again on Friday, we expect to hit number 4.

This would put us in the top three for the most amount of 100+ degree days in Denver.

With high afternoon heat, we also tend to have warm nights. In the last week and a half, we have tied or broken morning low records. These are the warmest low temperatures recorded for the day. After a 100-degree day on Friday, we will be near the record warmest low on Saturday morning.

The record warmest low for Saturday morning is 70 degrees and we are forecasting a low of 67 degrees.