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PUEBLO, Colo. — The Colorado Bureau of Investigation will breathe new life into a cold case involving a pregnant woman who went missing in 2013.

Kelsie Schelling, 21, was eight weeks pregnant when she disappeared four years ago.

The investigation and search for Schelling will reopen Wednesday and will focus on the areas near where Schelling was last known to be in southwestern Pueblo.

Kelsie Schelling (Photo: Facebook)
Kelsie Schelling

Schelling’s mother, Laura Saxton, said her daughter disappeared shortly after she texted a photo of her ultrasound to her ex-boyfriend, Donthe Lucas.

Schelling was last seen at the Walmart store in the 4000 block of West Northern Avenue in Pueblo on Feb. 4, 2013.

She reportedly texted a photo of her eight-week ultrasound to Lucas, then made the two-hour trip from Denver to Pueblo to meet Lucas at his request.

She arrived at the Walmart just after 11 p.m., and nearly an hour later, texted that she was “tired of waiting.”

Lucas asked her to meet on a street near his grandmother’s house; a half hour later, she wrote: “Where are you … I’ve been here for over an hour just waiting.”

She was never heard from again.

Lucas later withdrew $400 from an ATM using Schelling’s card. He was also seen driving her vehicle to the Walmart parking lot.

On Feb. 7, 2013, someone wearing a hoodie was seen driving off in the car from the Walmart parking lot. It was later found at St. Mary Corwin Hospital.

In April, authorities started excavating the backyard of a Pueblo home where Lucas once lived.

Investigators said they found evidence in the yard of the home in the 5100 block of Manor Ridge Drive. They wouldn’t say what the evidence is, but said it was not a body.

Laura Saxton, along with a relative, talking about the disappearance of her daughter, Kelsie Schelling.

Lucas is considered a person of interest in the case, but investigators have not called him a suspect.

Police previously questioned Lucas but have said they did not have enough evidence that he was involved in Schelling’s disappearance.

Saxton believes her daughter is dead and that Lucas is responsible.

A news release said the new searches were prompted by recent leads received by officials but did not elaborate.