BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Two people walked away after the small plane they were flying in crashed into a pond in a Broomfield subdivision just before noon Wednesday.

North Metro Fire responded to the incident in the Anthem Ranch neighborhood and said the two occupants of the plane “miraculously” got out safely.

Both people were evaluated by medical personnel but neither needed to be taken to the hospital.

Small plane crash in Broomfield subdivision pond
A small plane crashed in Broomfield subdivision pond on Sept. 14, 2022. (Photo credit: North Metro Fire)

Broomfield Police Public Information Officer Rachel Haslett said the single-engine plane departed Erie Airport en route to Greeley when the pilot realized something was wrong shortly after takeoff.

It is believed to have been a problem with the power, Haslett said, but the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the incident to determine the cause of the crash.

The pilot decided to take the plane down in the water to avoid as much damage as possible, Haslett said. The plane clipped a tree on the way down, flipped in the water which popped the doors open and both the pilot and passenger got out safely.

Haslett said the biggest issue from the crash is the cleanup since the pilot had just filled the plane up and approximately 50 gallons of fuel spilled into the pond. She said there is no surrounding environmental threat since it is a closed body of water. However, there are fish in the pond so environmental services are working on the cleanup to reduce the impact of the spill.

“It was an interesting day for sure for those that were playing pickleball when you see a plane go down in the pond right next to you,” Haslett said.

The crash occurred at a retention pond near the Aspen Lodge tennis/pickleball courts and the NTSB will remove the plane after the investigation.