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DENVER — Two Denver police officers have been fined two days pay each for stopping a reporter from filming a man being detained with her cellphone last summer.

On July 5 near East Colfax Avenue and North Grant Street, officers were helping a nude man as he was in crisis.

During the incident, officers detained Susan Greene, editor of The Colorado Independent, after she refused to stop filming the arrest.

The man was taken to a hospital and was not arrested.

Greene said she was handcuffed and put into a patrol car after refusing orders to stop shooting photos of officers standing around the man, who had been handcuffed.

Greene said one of the officers ignored her assertions that she had a First Amendment right to take photos on a public sidewalk. Colorado law protects the public’s right to record the actions of peace officers.

She said she was released after the officer consulted with someone on his cellphone. Police body camera footage of Greene being handcuffed was released in August.

The Denver Police Department opened an internal affairs investigation and determined the officers, Adam Paulsen and James Brooks, violated department policies.

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They were each fined two days of pay. Both accepted the findings and waived further disciplinary proceedings. The Denver District Attorney’s Office last year determined no charges would be filed against the officers.

The department said it has reiterated to officers the relevant policies involving the First Amendment.

A training requirement to review the policies was sent to officers in July and a training bulletin was published in August for officers to review.