2 Colorado men celebrate the Fourth of July by waving U.S. flags on I-70 overpass

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — On the way to Denver Thursday afternoon, two men could be seen waving flags from the I-70 overpass.

“I want to touch everybody’s heart that comes by.  I want to inspire them,” said Jonathan Leddy, while he waved a flag from the I-70 overpass, in Genesee.

Leddy chose to celebrate the Fourth of July with tens of thousands of people, waving and giving a “thumbs up” to drivers who honked as they drove by.

“This is so much more fun than sitting on a lake,” he told Fox31.

“I don’t believe anybody should disrespect this,” Leddy said, motioning to his Betsy Ross flag.

The flag has been the focus of some controversy this month, after Nike cancelled a shoe that had the flag printed on it, due to a complaint stating some found it offensive.

“Even if we have the right to step on it and burn it, it’s still a matter of honoring the people that have served in the military and given their lives for this country.  That’s really something we should be lifting up as a way to unify people instead of trying to divide people.  That’s the reason why I picked this Betsy Ross flag,” he said.

Leddy’s friend, Matthew Callaway, was able to catch the attention of drivers going the opposite direction on I-70, heading up toward the mountains.

“The flag is getting to be controversial these days, which is insane, so I just wanted to come wave the flag,” said Callaway.

The two initially had plans to attend President Donald Trump’s Salute to America event, in Washington D.C., but those plans fell through.

They decided this would be a good alternative.

Both men wore “TRUMP” shirts — Callaway also wore a red MAGA hat — while waving their flags on Thursday.

“I’m a Trump supporter, obviously, in case you couldn’t tell,” Leddy said, grinning.

But he said they weren’t out there to make a political statement.

“I still believe it’s important to make your voice heard, no matter who you are,” said Leddy.  “If you’re a liberal, make your voice heard.  If you’re a conservative, make your voice heard—because if you don’t, somebody else is going to speak up for you.”

Leddy admitted his shoulders were starting to hurt a few hours in, but says it was worth it every time someone honked or waved back at him.

“It’s overwhelming support through and through,” said Callaway.  “Only two middle fingers.  We’ve been out here quite a while.”

They hope others will be encouraged to do the same in the future—no matter what day it is.

“If you love this country, let people know.  Do it in a way that’s respectful of others, but let people know that you love this country,” Leddy told Fox31.

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