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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Two victims in the drive-by shooting that put six Aurora Central High School students in the hospital are looking at a long road to recovery, according to Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson.

Two victims have a “long haul” ahead and are still in the hospital, Wilson said. She didn’t say whether more than two are in hospital.

Watch the full press conference with Wilson.

Two of the three victims receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital have been released.

No suspects are in custody and no information has been released. However, Wilson said the department has images of suspect vehicles that it will release if the cars are not located.

The six students are between the ages of 14 and 18. Aurora Central High School, which is located at 11700 E. 11th Ave., had the perimeter of the school secured by police after the shooting.

  • Male – 14 years old
  • Female – 15 years old
  • Male – 16 years old
  • Female – 16 years old
  • Male – 17 years old
  • Male – 18 years old

The Aurora Police Department said in a release Monday night, “Initial information obtained is there were possible suspects on foot as well as driving-by in a vehicle.”

“You can’t make sense of it, it is unfortunate there’s way too many guns in the community right now,” Denver Director of Youth Violence Jonathan McMillian said. “Young people have far too easy access to firearms and, unfortunately, some feel as though violence is the appropriate response to conflict.” 

On Tuesday, a number of community organizations gathered for an emergency crisis response meeting to come up with plans for visiting nearby schools in the coming days.

“The thing we most talk about is somebody’s mental health. How do you feel? Are you affected by this?” Struggle of Love Foundation secondary violence prevention specialist Jason McBride said. “We don’t do enough prevention work, we’re more reactive than proactive. Getting into these places, we are able to meet these kids before the switch is turned on or crossed over. We can save lives by reaching out sooner rather than later.”

The groups will be holding a Safe Haven gathering at the Salvation Army in Aurora Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m. Families can attend to learn about resources available to support kids in the community.