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AURORA, Colo. — Two Aurora police officers have been suspended for their role in prematurely leaking body camera footage of Denver Mayor Michael’s Hancock’s son using a gay slur and threatening an officer.

Jordan Hancock, 22, was pulled over March 23 for going 65 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Almost immediately, he is belligerent toward officer Paul McClendon even though Hancock was caught driving without his license.

The department found no wrongdoing by McClendon, but internal affairs determined McClendon showed the video to officer Paul Timmons, who recorded it with his cellphone.

Timmons then showed the video to fellow officer Judy Gurley-Lutkin, who then showed it to her husband.

It’s not clear if the husband then leaked the video, but Timmons and Gurley-Lutkin each received a one-day suspension for the video being leaked.

The mayor’s office has said Jordan Hancock has since personally apologized to McClendon. Jordan Hancock also had to pay a $275 fine for the speeding infraction.