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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Three Aurora officers fired for their connection to photos taken at the Elijah McClain memorial have filed appeals against the discipline.

FOX31 Problem Solvers confirmed that Officer Kyle Dittrich, Officer Erica Marrero and Officer Jason Rosenblatt are appealing their termination.

The officers were fired last Friday after an investigation into a photo that had been shared through text with other officers.

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The photo showed Officer Jaron Jones with his arm around Dittrich’s neck in what appears to be a choke hold while Marrero stood nearby smiling. Jones resigned after the investigation into the photo became public. Rosenblatt was also fired after responding to the photo, saying, “HaHa.”

Dittrich and Marrero’s appeals were filed with the Aurora Civil Services Commission on Wednesday.

Rosenblatt filed his appeal on Thursday.

The next step will be for a hearing to be held, at which time all evidence will be reviewed and the commission will rule on whether to uphold or adjust Interim Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson’s disciplinary decision.

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Mari Newman, the attorney representing McClain’s family, issued the following statement about the appeals Thursday evening:

“Astonishingly, Aurora did not fire these, or any other officers, for their roles in the murder of an innocent young black man. Aurora finally fired officers Rosenblatt, Dittrich, and Morrero for their repulsive conduct in making a joke of the racist and brutal killing. These officers needed to be fired, and the fact that they are appealing the termination shows just how out of touch with reality they are. But Aurora has yet to fire two of the three killers who illegally stopped, tacked and inflicted prolonged excessive force on Elijah, the officer who threatened to sic a dog on a dying man for not laying still enough, multiple officers who failed to intervene to stop the torture, and medics who illegally injected Elijah with a massive dose of Ketamine. As Westword has noted: the irony is visible from outer space.”