AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Two people were arrested following a crash on Interstate 225 that closed down Alameda Avenue to 6th Avenue.

Aurora Police responded to the crash on Saturday after 1 p.m. and said two vehicles were involved but no one was injured.

After the two cars collided a third approached the scene after likely knowing the people in the initial crash, police discovered in the investigation.

The third driver attempted to start a fight with the other person involved in the crash.

Alameda Avenue to 6th Avenue was closed due to a crash.

Aurora Police seized two weapons found in the third vehicle and arrested 21-year-old Anthony Lawton and 38-year-old Robin Lawton. They were charged with felony menacing.

Police do not believe the road rage incident that happened at Chambers and Evans in Aurora on Saturday night is related to this incident.