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DENVER (KDVR) — Two men from Colorado Springs who identify themselves as “patriots” have decided to not attend rallies at the Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They changed their minds after they say Federal Bureau of Investigation agents along with local police went to their home Friday afternoon. 

Dustin and Justin Brooks told us this past week they had planned on attending events focused on the presidential inauguration. 

The two men said they had wanted to come to Denver and voice their opinions and protest legally. They said they had no intention of inciting violence. They also said they planned on carrying their weapons in a legal manner and that they wanted to carry them for self-defense.

However, those plans changed after a visit from the FBI.

The Brooks brothers told FOX31 reporter Vicente Arenas the agents asked them if they would be carrying their weapons. They say they were also told there could be problems at the demonstrations. 

Both brothers said they changed their minds on their own accord and decided not to attend the rally.

The Brooks were involved in an altercation at a previous non-related rally in Colorado Springs last year but they tell us all charges were dropped. 

FOX31 asked the FBI for a comment. A spokesperson from the bureau responded with this statement: “As a matter of policy, and to protect individuals’ privacy, we cannot confirm or deny any particular contact or the potential existence of an investigation. The FBI contacts individuals for a variety of reasons on a daily basis whether they are a witness, victim, subject, or someone providing information. While individuals are free to speak about their interactions with the FBI, we do not discuss or describe any contact we have or allegedly have with individuals.”