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LONGMONT (KDVR) — Lifeguards are trained to be experts at saving people in the water, but not so much when it comes to birthing babies. However, that is exactly what happened to an 18-year-old lifeguard.

Natalie Lucas has been a lifeguard at the Longmont YMCA for three years. She has helped some folks out of a little trouble during that time.

“There was a lady doing lap swimming, and she started choking on water. I almost had to jump in and do the Heimlich on her,” said Lucas.

On Sunday, July 24, Lucas helped an unborn soul into life, and it happened poolside.

“Right around here, right on the pool deck about five feet from the pool. It was a little crazy,” said Lucas.

It was 10:45 a.m. when a very pregnant Tessa Rider was swimming in the lap pool.

“It’s the activity that helps them. The pressure of the movement and swimming kind of helps to relieve the pressure,” said Lucas.

Then Lucas heard a woman scream.

“I kind of knew I had to spring into action. I ran back and grabbed my medical bag, grabbed my walkie-talkie and some towels,” said Lucas.

Lucas immediately directed another swimmer in the pool to call 911. The 911 operator was instructing Lucas to make sure the baby was breathing.

“I grabbed some towels, I had to clean out his mouth to make sure there was no residue, no blocking the airway at all,” said Lucas.

Cool, calm and collected, Lucas said that was about the craziest thing she had ever seen.

“But I still had to work three more hours, so it was a crazy day.”

Lucas said that the experience was a memory of a lifetime, and she was glad she could help. She still wants to pursue a career in law enforcement and not medicine.