DENVER (KDVR) — Wednesday, the 16th Street Mall Project Team unveiled part of its new mall renovation.

The team previewed a sample installation showcasing a new granite paver system and curbless configuration.

In order to keep pedestrians safe and maintain the original design elements of the area, here is what the team says locals can expect:

  • A design that honors the original Navajo rug and diamondback rattlesnake pattern that has been a feature of the mall for 40 years
  • A new granite paver system with better surface friction to prevent slipping
  • A new curbless configuration that facilitates the movement of people across the mall and enables a variety of mall uses, including events and festivals.
  • Approximately 40 feet of curb will be provided at each shuttle stop location, though it is not shown in the preview

This preview is the first of many. It’s a part of a $149 million project that the team says will create a $4 billion rise in value and add nearly 2,000 jobs.

The project is targeted to finish in 2024.