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DENVER (KDVR) — Several businesses along 16th Street found their buildings damaged and products wiped out after Thursday night’s protests.

“When I came down, there was boxes of shoes and hangers strewn out,” Soul Street Shoes owner Zach Monks said.

After 15 years on 16th Street, Monks is at a loss for words, fighting to stay optimistic.

“I know people are dealing with a loss of life, and that’s obviously more important that this, and we’re trying to keep that in perspective, but it’s tough,” Monks said.

Monk is having an especially hard time after learning people broke down his windows and looted two different times in a matter of hours.

“I went home about 1:30 a.m. and got a call at about 2:30 a.m. They came down and broke the boards down and looted it a second time,” Monk said.

“Just like the people who smashed the windows, it’s an average guy trying to start a business and make a life for himself, and you potentially just took that away if they are hanging on the edge and trying to reopen,” Corner Bakery District Manager Scott Alexander said.

Corner Bakery just opened for dine-in services on Wednesday.

Boards now cover the front windows and Alexander shared pictures of glass shattered inside of the restaurant.

“Turns out a couple of guys got into it over here and picked up our patio tables and threw it through the windows,” Alexander said, adding, “The spirit of the protest was actually the spirit of a moving riot.”

The same patio furniture used to break down Corner Bakery’s front windows was put out to give community members a safer dine-in opportunity.

“We’re all hurting right now and I understand the emotional trauma based on a situation a thousand miles away from us, but that’s no excuse,” Alexander said.

Alexander told FOX31 that at the advisement of Denver Police Department, all three downtown Corner Bakery locations closed Friday afternoon. The owner has decided all three downtown locations will remain closed throughout the weekend with more protests planned.

The Corner Bakery’s suburban locations will remain open.