AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Loved ones have identified a 12-year-old girl killed in a crash involving a stolen vehicle on Saturday.

Aurora Fire Rescue and the Aurora Police Department responded to reports of a two-car crash around 7:15 p.m. on Saturday. Investigators said that the two vehicles involved were a Dodge Journey, which had been reported stolen earlier Saturday afternoon, and a Toyota Tacoma.

When APD arrived at the scene of the crash, located near the intersection of South Buckley Road and East Kent Drive, they discovered a 12-year-old girl who was declared dead at the scene and 11 others who needed transport to a hospital.

Family members identified the girl as Sahni Pyles, a seventh grader at Denver Discovery School. There is a GoFundMe account raising money to help lay her to rest.

“For her to be gone that fast, it was mind-blowing, it was heartbreaking,” Pyles’ stepmother, Khadisha McCoy, said. “She loves her family. She loves school. She went to Denver Discovery School. So she’s a very smart girl. She loves cheerleading. She liked shopping. You know, all the girl stuff that any other girl will love to do.”

7 juveniles were in the stolen SUV

McCoy said Pyles was on the way home from hanging out with friends. Police say she was in the stolen Dodge with seven other juveniles.

According to investigators, a 15-year-old was allegedly driving the stolen Dodge Journey northbound on South Buckley Road toward its intersection with East Kent Drive.

Police say that as the Dodge Journey approached the intersection at a high rate of speed, the Toyota Tacoma was turning left onto East Kent Drive from the southbound lanes of South Buckley Road. That’s when the Dodge struck the passenger side of the Tacoma.

Police released information about the occupants in each vehicle:

  • Dodge Journey
    • 12-year-old girl (declared dead at the scene.)
    • 16-year-old boy
    • 16-year-old girl
    • Three 15-year-old boys (one of whom was the driver and is now in police custody)
    • 14-year-old girl
    • 13-year-old girl
  • Toyota Tacoma
    • 31-year-old man
    • 29-year-old woman
    • 3-year-old girl
    • 6-month-old girl

The accused 15-year-old driver of the Dodge Journey is now in custody on an outstanding warrant, and investigators believe he may have been impaired at the time of the crash.

Woman saw her stolen vehicle on the news

“I was shocked,” car theft victim Madison Kwon said. “I wasn’t believing that it was kids that had crashed the car.”

Kwon saw the news Saturday and immediately recognized her Dodge Journey that she reported stolen earlier in the day.

“I came outside 11 a.m. and the car was gone,” Kwon said. “I made a police report and everything. Then, that same day, I jumped on Facebook and saw that there was a Dodge Journey that caused an accident. I knew right then and there it was my car.”

Kwon is now left in a difficult position. 

“I’m a single mom of two, my babies are 1 and 8 months, so we lost everything: the car seats, the stroller, their coats, their Halloween costumes were in there. They spent money on my cards,” Kwon said. 

Kwon’s family made her a GoFundMe account to help.

As a single mom of two, the theft victim also deeply feels for the other victims. 

“As a mom, it’s heartbreaking,” Kwon said. “I know somebody that was there at the time of the crash, and she said all she could hear was a little baby screaming. It’s sad.”

As of Tuesday, the mother, father and 6-month-old baby hit by the stolen car continue to fight for their lives in the hospital. Police say a GoFundMe is being created to support their family. FOX31 will post it here as soon as it is received.