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DENVER (KDVR) — New data suggests more people are moving out of Colorado than into our state.

HireAHelper, an online moving service, analyzed over 90,000 moves that took place over 2021. In Colorado, 15% more people moved out of the state than into it over the year.

Here are 10 factors that might contribute to people leaving Colorado:

  1. Denver is the seventh most expensive of the top 50 US metro areas, with a typical home sales price of $598,233
  2. Denver ranks 13th for the percent its home prices have increased since 2000
  3. Monthly rent prices are up in Colorado 21.95% year over year
  4. The cost of living in Colorado is 17% higher than the national average
  5. There are a record low number of homes available in the Denver metro area
  6. Denver housing is more unaffordable for middle class than nearly any US metro
  7. Denver has the 10th fastest-rising rent over the last year
  8. Colorado transportation costs are 6% higher than the national average
  9. Colorado has the highest car theft levels in the country, with a 32% increase over the last year
  10. Violent crime increased by 52% in Colorado over the last 10 years

While these are some of the reason people might move out of Colorado, there are a laundry list of reasons why others have chosen to remain in the state.