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GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — One of the two pit bull terriers involved in an attack on an 89-year-old woman and her 12-year-old grandson was euthanized, the Golden Police Department said.

Police responded to a dog bite call at 15712 West 1st Ave. around 3:35 p.m. Wednesday and when officers arrived, they found blood leading into the home and came upon the dogs attacking the grandmother in the backyard.

The officers tried different methods to separate the dogs from the woman by yelling and getting in between and even using Tasers and less-lethal shotguns to get the dogs away from her. But none of those tactics were successful.

“Less lethal options were not effective,” police said.

The dogs were finally removed after more officers arrived and were able to hold off the canines and rescue the woman.

Police said Thursday, that both the grandmother and her grandson are alive but she is in critical condition at St. Anthony’s Hospital and the boy is in stable condition at Children’s Hospital.

The dogs were captured following the attack and taken to a local veterinary hospital where they were examined and treated for injuries. One was euthanized due to its injuries and the other is being housed at Foothills Animal Shelter.

Sergeant Ben Salentine with the Golden Police Department Professional Standards Unit said who owns the dogs is under investigation.

“I can confirm that the dogs belonged at the residence,” Salentine said. “But as far as the particular owners, everything’s under investigation.”

Police said the City of Golden does not have a breed ban on pit bull terriers and that all dog owners are required to register their pets and keep them current on vaccinations. Golden PD is investigating the incident and checking the status of the two dogs involved.

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