Local moving and storage company creates “Kids Comfort Moving Kit” to help with moving into a new home


While moving is exciting, uprooting the family during these unsettling times can cause anxiety for the little ones.

To help ease the transition, local moving pros in DENVER  have created the “Kids Comfort Moving Kit” – a stress-busting box of goodies that keeps kids upbeat and optimistic as they head to their new neighborhood.

The UNITS moving experts created the kit to make moving more fun for overwhelmed children and help them realize they aren’t leaving it all behind. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Family’s Personalized “Kids Comfort Moving Kit”:
Build the Box – Get your kids involved with the packing process.   Show them how to build moving boxes and let them choose their own special moving box.   This gives them ownership of part of the moving effort!
Bust Out the Crayons and Markers – Inspire your kids to decorate their box. They can color their favorite scenes/memories from their hometown, tape or glue on printouts of their favorite athletes or actors and add some fun stickers.
Bring a Special Friend – Make sure their box has room for a special friend like their beloved Teddy Bear, stuffed animal, or blanket.
Pack Photos to Re-Live Favorite Memories – Remind them that home is wherever the family comes together, and they’ll be able to make new unforgettable memories and friends in their new town. Pack favorite candid shots and fun moments from family trips to get them excited about all new adventures on the horizon – including this move! You can even help them make a little photo album.
“Five for the Ride” Help them choose the 5 things they simply can’t go without during the ride to the new house.   Include favorite games, books, snacks, etc.
Celebrate with Some Fun! – Reward your kids for doing such a great job with the move when you get to your new home by taking them out for pizza at a local restaurant in your new community or enjoying a picnic together at a local park. 

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