Five-time world champion jump roper, Molly Metz created a new jump rope technology.
She followed the American Dream and earned 2 patents, only to have them invalidated.

Molly invented an entirely new jump rope technology and, even after obtaining two patents for her innovation, it was still stolen from her. Molly pursued the American dream – she opened her own gym in Denver and founded JumpNRope, a product fully made in America. At the height of her invention’s success, copycats emerged and a large corporation challenged her patents. With resources and reach beyond her own, this challenge caused the US Patent office to invalidate her work. 

Now, she is actively fighting for her patents, and the rights of other inventors.

Her new film Innovation Race explains the issues.  Short film The Great Equalizer, made by the director of Innovation Race, features Molly, and the Innovation Race podcast shares her story.

The film will be in theaters on November 16th and she will be hosting the screening in Boulder . Here’s the information on her screening:

What:  Innovation Race movie screening –

When (day and time):  November 16 – 7:30pm

Where: Century Boulder – 1700 29th St, Boulder, CO
Cost: $15.   (Tickets at )