Obama to Golden: ‘No country on earth wouldn’t trade places with U.S.’

Obama speaks in Golden on Sept. 13, 2012.

Obama speaks in Golden on Sept. 13, 2012.

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GOLDEN, Colo. — Obama spoke to a crowd in Golden for approximately 35 minutes Thursday, touching on everything from foreign policy to the violence in Libya to tax cuts to the new iPhone. 

The following are some important bullet points from that speech:

UPDATE, 11:37 AM: Obama: “Vote for me and we’ll continue to show this world that we live in its greatest nation.”

UPDATE, 11:35 AM: Obama said this is still the greatest nation in the world: “There isn’t a country on earth that wouldn’t trade places with the United States of America.”

UPDATE, 11:34 AM: Obama touches on the fact that he ended don’t ask don’t tell.

UPDATE, 11:33 AM: Obama giving credit to those who supported Obamacare: “You’re the reason that a woman in Pueblo can get treatment for cancer. You’re the reason that seniors all over the world are saving $600 a year on medication.”

UPDATE, 11:32 AM: Obama on military: “We will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. And we will hunt down those who attack us.”

UPDATE, 11:31 AM: Obama going over his record now. He said he would end the war in Iraq and he have. He said he’d draw back the fight in Afghanistan and he has. He said he’d find the perpetrators of Sept. 11 and he killed Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE, 11:30 AM: Obama said Romney’s proposed tax cut would give someone making $5 million a year $250,000 in tax relief. Obama said he won’t stand for that “so that things like medicare can be cut.”

UPDATE, 11:28 AM: If you want to cut the deficit to help your children like Republicans want to do, Obama said, you’re going to have to cut programs that benefit them. “My plan,” Obama said, “will reduce the deficit without cutting those programs.”

UPDATE, 11:24 AM: Obama said he has a plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. He said he has worked with Republicans in Congress to trim $1 trillion already. He said its proof that he’ll work with Republicans. He says if it’s what Republicans want, “I’ll wash the car, I’ll walk the dog for them. I’ll do whatever it takes if it helps the American people.” Obama continued: “But here’s the thing I can’t do. I can’t ask millionaires to do nothing and ask everyone else to do a whole lot. The wealthiest households will pay a slightly higher rate. After $250,000 you’ll see the hike, not before it. You’ll see a tax cut if before that point. It’s the same tax rate you paid under Bill Clinton — and we created a whole lot of millionaires during that time.”

This plan won’t hurt small business like Romney claims, Obama said. 95 percent of small businesses will make less than $250,000. According Obama, that’s why his new tax cut will help small business, despite what Romney says.

UPDATE, 11:21 AM: Obama on the importance of education: “A mixed kid born in Hawaii doesn’t have a great shot at becoming President of the United States. It happened because I had a great education.” Obama said he has made millions of Americans more qualified to get an education by issuing a tuition tax credit that gives middle class families a $10,000 to pay for schooling over four years.

UPDATE, 11:20 AM: Obama said he’s got a plan to control more of our own energy in the U.S. He said his office has worked with the auto industry to increase fuel efficient cars. He said his office has doubled renewable energy — wind energy being one source. He said the U.S. is less dependent on foreign oil now than we have been in the past two decades, and that he has a plan to cut oil imports in half by 2020

UPDATE, 11:19 AM: Obama says he has created 2.5 million new jobs, in part by re-inventing an auto industry that’s “back on top of the world.” Obama said that’s proof that he’s committed to keeping jobs in this country.

UPDATE, 11:17 AM: Obama attempting to lay out a platform after coughing and saying “I’m getting all choked up” in jest: “I am asking you to rally around a set of goals to create new manufacturing jobs and new energy sources, to improve education and to reduce the deficit, to stop the wars of past years.”

UPDATE, 11:14 AM: Obama argues against what he has called a “top down, trickle down” economy: “The idea that we’ll roll back regulations on Wall Street is not a good one. We have been there. Wall Street brought us to our knees. We’re not going back.”

UPDATE, 11:13 AM: Obama going after Romney’s argument for an increase in tax cuts: “You need to make a restaurant reservation, you don’t need the new iPhone, there’s a tax cut for that.

UPDATE, 11:11 AM: Obama talks about how he believes his administration has helped us out of the Great Recession: “For the last three years, we’ve been fighting to recover from the Great Recession and we’ve made progress. We were losing 800 jobs a month, we’ve created jobs for the past 30 months. We saved an American auto industry on the brink of going under. Manufacturing is starting to come back in the U.S. But we’ve got so much more work to do.”

UPDATE, 11:10 AM: Obama heading into his talk on the economy: “You have a choice, and if you want a nation where everyone plays by the same rules, choose me.”

UPDATE, 11:08 AM: Obama talking about how America is a beacon. “We’re different from other nations because we’re bound together under one creed — that we are all created equal. We believe these are universal truths, and should be shared by everyone — even tiny cities in Libya.”

UPDATE, 11:07 AM: Obama talking about Libya: “No act of violence shakes the resolves of the United States of America. We will do whatever is necessary to protect all Americans abroad. We are going to brting those who killed our fellow Americans to justice.”

UPDATE, 11:00 AM: On schedule, Obama stepped up to the pulpit at his Golden rally today

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