Romney to Golden: My 5-part plan, Obama’s ‘failed report card’

Mitt Romney reviews a report card in Golden on Aug. 2, 2012, that he created for Barack Obama. He said the President failed

Mitt Romney reviews a report card in Golden on Aug. 2, 2012, that he created for Barack Obama. He said the President failed.

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GOLDEN, Colo. — Mitt Romney began his speech at a campaign event in Golden Thursday with what he called President Barack Obama’s failed report card. He finished by saying he wants to “get this country back to where it used to be.”

In between, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate outlined a five-part plan for how he intends to do that. The following is a real-time outline of the topics Romney addressed.

11:55 AM: Romney started his speech by touting Colorado Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin.

He then talked about “another Colorado girl with a big heart,” Michaela Hicks. The youngster was hit by a bullet in theater 9 of the Aurora movie theater that was attacked on July 20. A bullet went into her mouth, took out some teeth and part of her jaw. Romney saidshe’s recovering well.

12:03 PM: Romney said Obama laid out report card by which he expected to be judged when he was nominated four years ago. Here are the areas where Romney said Obama hoped to be judged. Romney said Obama should receive low marks in every category.

  1. How many people find a job? Romney: We haven’t seen what we’ve hoped to see. We have 23 million Americans that are out of work or underemployed.
  2. How many jobs have we created that can pay for a good mortgage? Romney: We’ve had a record number of foreclosures
  3. What happens to average family income? Romney: That’s gone down – by an average of $4,000.
  4. Will someone who has a good idea go out and start a business? Romney  made a play on the “You didn’t build that” campaign slogan, saying he hopes Obama now understands people actually do start businesses.
  5. Can we cut the deficit in half? Romney: Obama wasn’t able to deliver on that promise either.

Romney said when he was governor of Massachusetts, he accomplished all the things for his state that Obama didn’t accomplish for the country.

12:07 PM: Romney said he knows Obama will speak eloquently about what he has accomplished. But he urged everyone to “look at the results.” Romney said Obama hasn’t gotten American back to work again.

“I spent 25 years in the private sector,” he said, “I know how that side of our country works.” People create jobs, not government, Romney concluded. That got a huge ovation from the crowd on hand.

12:21 PM: Here is Romney’s five-part plan, which he says will create 12 million jobs:

  1. Energy independence in the U.S. and North America
    1. Really open up private lands for the drilling of oil and gas
    2. Make better use of domestic coal
    3. Build a pipeline bringing oil in from Canada
    4. Lower energy costs, which will bring jobs
  2. Give American the tools to succeed
    1. Every child ought to have the chance to go to school where he or she can get the best education
    2. All the federal dollars that go out to education should be tied to the student. And that student should be allowed to take those funds to the school of his or her choice
    3. Romney said Republicans and Democrats came together and got Massachusetts ranked No. 1 in the country in education, so he said he understands how to do this.
  3. Trade that’s right for American
    1. If China continues to counterfeit, there must be consequences
    2. Stop people from hacking into computer systems and stealing ideas
    3. Create a new market with Latin America
  4. Cut deficit and get balanced budget
    1. Get more economic growth and spend less money
    2. Romney said the President has a different view that the country can cut the deficit by raising taxes. Romney said taxes are connected to growth. Raising taxes, he said, lowers growth.
  5. Champion small business
    1. Lower taxes on small businesses
    2. Make sure that regulations don’t drown business owners in red tape
    3. Get rid of Obamacare – That got the biggest ovation of the day.

12:23 PM: Romney: “If you study it, you’re going to realize my five-part plan isn’t ridiculous. It’s just about people going and getting things done and not expecting the government to give them what they want. We built this country. The government did not.”

12:24 PM: Romney finished his speech with this: “I can’t wait to get to Washington. I don’t want to transform America into something it’s not. I want to get this country back to where it was.”

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