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LITTLETON, Colo. – The Littleton School Board approved an agreement Thursday afternoon that it made with the family of Claire Davis. She was the senior who was shot and killed in an attack at Arapahoe High School more than two years ago.

In the agreement, her family agreed not to sue the school district if it released the information it had about the December shooting at Arapahoe High School.

School district staff recommended the board approve a proposal that will give Davis’ parents access to the information and the board voted to approve the agreement.

“The agreement we signed today with Littleton Public Schools creates a process that meets our goal of being investigative, not accusatory, in discovering how the tragedy on December 13, 2013 happened,” a statement from Michael and Desiree Davis said. “We appreciate LPS’ willingness to help not only our family, bu also all LPS families and the community at large to get a full picture of the events surrounding the December 13, 2013 shooting that took our beautiful daughter’s life. Without the full picture, no one can adequately address the underlying problems that could lead to yet another tragedy like this.” Read their full statement here.

Before the shooting, two security guards came forward and warned the school of shooter Karl Pierson’s threats.

They alleged school administrators failed to act on those warnings.

The Davises offered to waive their right to sue if the school board turned over all of its internal documents and made its staff available to testify under oath.