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AURORA, Colo. — A woman has filed a lawsuit against three Aurora police officers who she said choked her, slammed her to the ground and stomped on her head during a December 2015 arrest.

Lawyers for OyZhana Williams, 23, filed the lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit accuses the officers of beating her and lying about it in police reports.

The lawsuit names three officers, including Sgt. Michael Hawkins, who Williams’ lawyer said is the main aggressor.

Lawyers for Williams said it happened on Dec. 22, 2015, when Williams took her boyfriend to a hospital after he was shot.

Police wanted to search Williams’ car for evidence and she allowed them, according to her lawyers.

Lawyers say Hawkins wanted to impound the car and demanded Williams turn over the keys, but police had no right to them.

Williams eventually dropped the keys in front of an officer. That’s when Hawkins began assaulting Williams, according to lawyers.

Video shows Williams being choked by Hawkins and Williams putting her hands up in an attempt to stop the officer from choking her.

Williams is knocked to the ground in the video and then more officers rush to restrain her.

Williams was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. Those charges were dropped.

The Aurora Police Department released a statement on Facebook on Tuesday night, saying it did not know about the lawsuit until Tuesday.

Police chief Nick Metz said the incident will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau.