Lawmakers want to increase amount of marijuana out-of-state tourists can buy

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DENVER — By law, Colorado visitors can purchase no more than 7 grams of marijuana at dispensaries. In-state residents can purchase 1 ounce, four times more than out-of-state residents. But lawmakers want to lift the limit.

Alexander Lundeen sees dozens of out-of-state customers each day at dispensary La Conte. But it’s forced to limit those transactions, which isn’t ideal for the average customer.

“It really cuts off their ability to get a product to sustain them,” Lundeen said.

Lawmakers set the limit to keep people from taking the drug out of state. But senators sponsoring a bill say they don’t see that happening. The bill is moving through the Legislature in order to repeal the limit.

“It’s a win-win for the state. They’ll get more tax dollars. They’re really only allowing them to only have as much as they need to consume here,” Lundeen said.

Lundeen thinks good things can come from the change.

“Having more revenue for the store will mean the ability to open more stores. The ability to have more stores, employ more people. More people in the state working is more state workers with an income tax,” Lundeen said.

The 7 gram limit can’t stop a visitor from shopping at another store, but then it turns into an inconvenience. Especially those who use marijuana for medical purposes.

“They’d be able to benefit as well, build more jobs, profit, great for both ends,” Justin Delinger said.

The bill has passed in the State House and is awaiting the Senate.

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