DENVER (KDVR) — The process to pick a new president of the University of Colorado has come under some criticism.

One Latino group, the Colorado Latino leadership Advocacy and Reseach Organization (CLLARO), said the process is excluding qualified candidates of color for consideration, particularly Hispanic candidates.

CU’s board of regents is nearing the end of the process to pick a new leader. The board said this process is more nuanced than critics are claiming, but that hasn’t kept CLLARO from raising concerns.

“How is it that you can pick your own boss? In governance, that’s a no-no,” Mario Carrera, president and CEO of CLLARO, said.

Carerra said the University of Colorado’s board of regents isn’t choosing a new university president fairly.

“We are looking for a level playing field,” Carrera said.

Carrera made a very bold claim about diversity at the university.

“There’s no actual representation of the Latino community there in the student body or faculty or leadership, of any campus,” Carrera said.

The university said that since the fall, it’s held 40 listening sessions from multiple communities within the campus at CU-Boulder.

Carrera said qualified, Latino candidates need to be given a chance at the position.

“If we have professional individuals that can actually compete at the same level, they should be raised and allowed to compete in that same space. We don’t believe that’s the case,” Carrera said.

CU provided a statement about the current status of their search for a new president and any current candidates, which says in part:

“These individuals reflect the diversity of CU’s key constituent groups. We were extremely proud to collaborate with them and were reminded of how deeply people care about CU.”

“I’ve been on searches before, personally. At sea-level searches and searches of higher education in this particular state,” Carrera said.

CU’s board of regents said it does not exercise the practice of publicizing candidates for their own consideration so they don’t compromise the jobs at which they are currently.

Carrera said the process happening as it is now is a concern.

“There’s a level of concern that if you wait until the last minute, after the choices have been made and everybody is done, and everybody’s going home and there’s one finalist that’s been announced, it’s over,” Carrera said.

A spokesperson for the CU system said they’re expected to have the process done by the end of the month.